PyOpenGL 3.0.1a2, for the forward-thinking...

Second alpha of the 3.0.1 series includes a number of bug-fixes from PyOpenGL 3.0.1a1, as well as updated extensions (including OpenGL 3.1 core).  The new extensions are currently just auto-generated, so if you see something that needs special wrapping, feel free to ping me.  The extension header now breaks out the deprecated/non-deprecated functionality, so you will see modules with _DEPRECATED showing up in the tree, the raw versions are imported into the non _DEPRECATED versions, so wrapping will continue to be in the root module(s).

I would expect to see only very minor regressions from this release, as the 3.0.1a1 release seemed to work relatively well in testing and the only major change is the extensions.  We're not ready for prime-time, so don't install into live systems, but if you have code that uses PyOpenGL, you'll want to test with this release and send any bug reports so that we can fix the bugs before 3.0.1 final.

Win32 exe and cross-platform sources available.


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