TurboGears Doc Sprint

Spent almost the whole day today on the TurboGears 2.x documentation sprint.  I wound up just wading in and focusing on bringing a single document "up to spec" as it were.  I have an itch to sit down and try to restructure the whole hive of documents.

Along the way had to learn the basics of Sphinx... can't say I'm a huge fan, I seemed to lose around an hour of time on figuring out its little "features".  Also had to use hg, which wasn't horrific, but I did manage to get into a bad-merge situation, as I was expecting conflicts to show up in diffs and so checked in the old copy rather than merging in updates.

We're still both fighting flu's/colds/somethings here, so won't be going anywhere tomorrow.  May be that I'll spend a bit of time tomorrow on this, though I'm thinking maybe I should take a look at some other projects.


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