Automating the day away

I spent almost the whole day on automation today.  Basically getting the OpenGLContext test-suite to run as an automated suite, rather than a set of scripts I have to manually run.  It's not yet doing any sort of comparison of the captured images, but it lets me see the results on a single page quickly.  Wow, it feels *so* much better to have even that level of automation... instead of looking at days of hit-and-miss testing with a dozen different configs, I can setup and test a config in 10 minutes.  It's not a build-bot, but it's way better than manual :) .

So far it's only caught one bug in PyOpenGL (but one I likely would not have caught otherwise), but it has caught lots of bugs and hidden dependencies in OpenGLContext test scripts, as well as a too-aggressive move to a Python 2.6 feature that broke 2.5 compatibility.  I've also been toying with a meta-package for OpenGLContext to install all the various (optional) packages with one operation (i.e. easy_install OpenGLContext-full).  Still a few issues with that.

Tomorrow I'm just going to buckle down and run the tests on the various machines and configurations, fix any bugs that show up, and do the releases.


  1. Aaron Digulla

    Aaron Digulla on 12/01/2009 10:14 a.m. #

    Just a little tip for testing images: Select a few meaningful points and check their color (i.e. only a few spots instead of the whole image).

    So if there must be a line, check that the start and end points are there. If there must be a rectangle, check four points close to the corners. If you want to check the orientation, check a couple of background points.

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