Crashes (Moments out of the stream of life...)

Taking the TTC home today I had to get out a few blocks away. There was an accident on Bathurst. Looked like a head-on collision at very high speed. The car was completely totaled, the van had jumped way over into the courtyard of a nearby building.

Whoever had been in the cars was long gone by then (it had been an hour and a half), so it was just a couple of empty wrecks. Still, it was a strange feeling, knowing that people's lives had been changed, deflected from their path, possibly permanently, just an hour or two before in the place I was walking.

I'd just spent much of the day discussing the OLPC, about hope and new windows to new futures, and trying to help find a sustainable hope-filled life for everyone. Spilling out that excitement around the project, knowing that these machines will help shape the lives of millions of children.

The inflection points in life seem to move us, whether with joy or sorrow. Life passes, and we move on. We can pause, observe the change, but we must carry on trying to give meaning in a world that can deflect our dreams in a careless moment, or grant our deepest wishes when we've long since ceased to dream.


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