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Aug. 17, 2009 - Aug. 23, 2009

easy_install no longer working with SourceForge-hosted projects?

It seems like all of the projects I host on SourceForge are no longer easy-installable.  The only ones that can install are the ones that have been uploaded to PyPI, and then only the versions on PyPI install (i.e. a later version on SF doesn't install or prevent an earlier version from installing).  I'm guessing ...

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Oh, OpenGL 3.2 in PyOpenGL, PyOpenGL in Python 3.x

Checked in the initial OpenGL 3.2 support, haven't done *any* checking on it yet.  So buyer beware on bzr trunk :) .  Really do need to get the pyglet-generator branch working some day.

Oh, also ran 2to3 across the package.  It finished (used to blow up on the larger files), so it may be possible ...

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