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Aug. 24, 2009 - Aug. 30, 2009

rdiff-backup with source-control and mozilla-profile handling...

Can't sleep, so thought I might do some work getting a better backup system built for our machines.  I really like rdiff-backup so far, it's got the "rewind to any time" functionality I'd like, along with reasonable query features and fairly simple operation, so this:

rdiff-backup --exclude-if-present .svn --exclude-if-present .bzr --exclude-if-present CVS ...

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Of Design release 1.0a1

As regular readers will know, I've been working (slowly) on a rewrite of my BIS Thesis in Design Epistemology.  The original thesis was huge, covering way more material than anyone should attempt to cover in one thesis, and as a result it was rather cursory in its coverage of most of the areas on ...

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