Convincing them to show up is 90% of the battle (Marjan saves me from being the lonely bachelor...)

Tonight was the Cain Gang/Vextech Christmas party. As you loyal readers will no doubt remember, I invited Marjan (Shiva's cousin). Wonder of wonders, she showed up! (Loyal readers will know that I have an abysmal record with having women cancel on me, often at the last moment).

1055 (name of the restaurant) was about what you'd expect for an upper-middle class restaurant. The food was well done, both in taste and presentation, though the desserts were almost comically small. Probably a little pricey for the quality, but not outrageously so. The venison was quite good, and went some way toward eliminating my previous experience with the meat (basically roast wild venison when I was a kid). Still quite easy to detect the "gamey" flavour, but it was well-enough balanced by the tartness of the sauce to make it a pleasurable change from blander meats.

Tomorrow I'm told D'Arcy wants me to work with him on the EFT server, so not likely to get much done on Cinemon. Darn. I really want to move forward on it as quickly as possible, to get it out of the door and generating revenue ASAP. May take a full day on the weekend to see if I can't get e.g. Terayon proprietary support working again.

For now, however, having done my 2.5 hours of exercise for the day, and having consumed many time my daily requirement of calories, I shall watch "The Daily Show" and go to bed.


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