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Feb. 9, 2009 - Feb. 15, 2009

RunSnakeRun Beta1 is Out

Got some time on the train home today to work on RSR.  I'm going to consider it beta 1 now.  There are some packaging fixes needed (e.g. getting the dependencies declared), but it seems basically finished as far as the code is concerned.  With wxPython installed:

easy_install SquareMap
easy_install RunSnakeRun

which should, if all the ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.0c1 Available for Testing

This baby has been cooking for way too long.  If there's no show-stoppers reported, PyOpenGL 3.0.0c1 should be the same as the final release.  The only big change from the last beta is that it now includes GLUT and GLE implementations packaged as data-files for Win32 deployments.

3.0.0 is a complete rewrite of PyOpenGL using ...

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Lazyweb: Best cell phone for Python hacking?

My cell phone's charger wound up left in St. Maarten, and since it was a piece of junk anyway I'm thinking I'll replace it with a reasonably "hackable" cell phone.  I'd particularly like something that can run Python, which I *think* limits me to Nokia S60-based devices.  So, what does the lazy-web suggest, what's the ...

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Sprinting at PyCon

Call for sprints at PyCon has gone out.  I'm wanting to spend the time on PyOpenGL/OpenGLContext and SimpleParse/TTFQuery/PyDispatcher and the related libraries.  However, what I'd like to do is sprint on something "demoish" or "game engine-ish", that is, I want PyOpenGL 3.0.0 final out and a new release of the various libraries out, but then ...

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Back from the Tropics

Got back from the Caribbean on Saturday morning.  Wound up sleeping most of Saturday and Sunday to recover (somehow working down there was way more exhausting that working up here, though being sick and not sleeping well might have been part of it).

Spent yesterday on personal errands, little cleanup tasks for various projects, and ...

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