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PyOpenGL 3.0.1 Final (Test Please)

I have just *barely* managed to keep my "PyOpenGL will have a final release at PyCon" promise.  Honestly I haven't had enough time this afternoon to get much testing done, so I'll have to hold off on a release announcement, but the bytes are out there.  Need to get on a plane in a few ...

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Much documentation revised

Spent the first half of today on PyOpenGL 3.0.1 release.  Got fed up with Windows and decided to spend the rest of the day on TurboGears documentation.  Mostly just got the install page to be a little less grotty and then did some cleanup on a few other pages.  Got the Win32 install tested (ironic, ...

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EJabberD Configuration some Other Day

Luke (of Moksha fame) has been guiding me through the "official" and correct way to do real-time web with TurboGears.  Orbited seems to be a given, but STOMP apparently doesn't scale, while AMQP isn't well supported under Javascript.  That seems to leave XMPP as the likely "official" way until AMQP is fully supported.

Of course, ...

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When the Floor is Crooked, You Don't Know How You Dance

Seem to finally have ChatTrack working on IE8.  The key was installing Opera; it was only when *that* failed in the same way that I realize that it was the server-side code that was wrong (basically had < instead of >= (duh!)).  Didn't cause a problem for FireFox or Chrome because they use the streaming ...

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PyCon Dress Rehearsal rocks the Casbah

Leigh and I did our presentations this evening to a pretty-much-packed house.

Leigh managed to keep pretty-much to time... I was *way* over (maybe double time), but then I knew I would be, the deck was almost 70 slides and that's before feedback, discussing ChatTrack as a project, etceteras, need to get the whole deck ...

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3D/Graphics Open Track at PyCon

Okay, we now have our own Open Space Wiki Page for figuring out what 3D/Graphics related stuff you want to do at PyCon.  If you're interested in 3D or graphics/games stuff, edit the page and brainstorm about what you'd like to see or work on.  I'm happy to do impromptu classes on whatever OpenGL-ish topics ...

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The "Shiver" Moment in Presentation Writing

There's a moment in writing presentations; you are dispassionately writing and editing point-form notes about the things you want to talk about, a kind of disjoint series of ideas that you know all fit together somehow, and you're really just playing with them to see how they fit, then you take a bit of time ...

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Float == Float4, Ya Pythonic Wanker!

When you're using SQLAlchemy you sometimes get into a fog where everything's so abstracted away that you forget there's a regular old PostgreSQL or SQLite instance under there. Thing is, there *is* a PostgreSQL instance under there, and if you use a Float data-type for your code, it will work perfectly well under SQLite (which ...

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