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tgext.command 0.2 is out...

Adds support for instantiating Beaker's Cache from the config file (i.e. you can do cache-specific operations such as edge-triggered-cache-clearing in your utility scripts).  That's mostly useful if you have content-modifying scripts and want to clear/populate the cache when the script runs. Available in PyPI.

Don't make me guess, Gentle Spec Writer

Say you were writing a major standard, something implemented by thousands of companies. Say, one which specified, among other things, a format for public key files. Might it be appropriate to say "use a BER-encoded x509" certificate (with some (standard) x509 extensions)? Or would you:

  • declare that you require a "special" binary format for your ...

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Remote networking is a PITA

Setting up networking on a remote machine is a bit of a pain.  If you happen to make the smallest of slips your ssh session gets black-holed and you're up it.  You can try using a `shutdown +10 -r` command in another session to reboot-on-failure, but there's always the chance that you forget to set ...

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RunSnakeRun 2.0.0b6 (and SquareMap 1.0.0b25) released

Marius contributed quite a few changes (restructuring to support VirtualEnv-ing, enhanced percentage reporting), the source-code-view is also there, the home-view is more likely to be reasonable (though it can still get messed up with threaded views).  SquareMap is now explicitly a dependency and has been restructured to work with `setuptools develop` in a virtualenv.  Available ...

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Say it with me: Errors should never pass...

Say you were writing a program that takes a "config-file" parameter and you were (explicitly) passed a filename that, for whatever reason, you couldn't load. Is the proper operation to exit and report an error, log a warning and continue with defaults, or load a default filename silently?

In this particular case, app-armour was configured ...

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Infinite Deployment Docs and OpenID Issues

Have spent rather a lot of time trying to wrestle the deployment docs into shape for the TurboGears 2.1 release.  Even with all that work, only the "standard deployment pattern" is really in "good" shape.  Alternative servers, alternative deployment styles, etceteras are all still needing lots of love.  I am, however, I think, finished with ...

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RunSnakeRun gets a basic source-code-view

There was a request from one of the RedHat guys to add a source-code view to RunSnakeRun so that users can just flip over to see the code which is running slow when they are exploring a profile. makes that pretty easy, so bzr head now supports it.

Want to maybe add a call-tree ...

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