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DHClient!!! (think "Kahn!")

It's like the standard DHCP client and server are *trying* to be ridiculous.  Half the custom options show up, the others don't, no error messages, different SELinux restraints on different systems, standard options seemingly unknown on one side or another, options just disappearing without explanation.

If you don't understand an option, log an error, don't ...

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Oh, SELinux, you complete(ly annoy) me

The DHCP hiccup I've been debugging all week turns out to have bee nothing other than an SELinux restriction preventing the config-file from being read.  Most annoying part is that I already discovered that restriction weeks ago and thought I'd resolved it.  Now to dive in and figure out how to make this work properly, ...

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Why would you delete (valid) pages on Wikipedia?

Why the heck is wikipedia *deleting* articles for not being universally notable rather than simply assigning a "notability" level to them?  It's a computer system, and you store all of the revisions anyway, so why delete something rather than simply marking it less-widely relevant (and thereby decreasing search-result ranks and the like)?  I gather somebody ...

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