DHClient!!! (think "Kahn!")

It's like the standard DHCP client and server are *trying* to be ridiculous.  Half the custom options show up, the others don't, no error messages, different SELinux restraints on different systems, standard options seemingly unknown on one side or another, options just disappearing without explanation.

If you don't understand an option, log an error, don't just silently ignore.  If the file can't be read, log an error.  If the client requests something and you can't provide it, log a warning.  Silently ignoring explicitly configured settings is a bug.

This is a PITA, particularly as I had all of this working on the stop-gap FreeBSD boxes (after a heck of a lot of debugging), but now the same basic config is failing on Linux as I go to do integration testing with the final OSes.

Anyway, I think I've passed the point of diminishing returns banging my head on this mess tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I'll find a missing semi-colon.  Or maybe I'll just code up my own DHCP client using pydhcplib or something.


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