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PyOpenGL should now support GLE on Python 2.7

Got the GLE DLL built using VC9 (a.k.a. 2008), and a mechanism in place to load the GLE DLL based on which version of Python you are running (unfortunately, I don't see a good hook to check for the vcX version to use that to decide which DLL to load.  In theory ...

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SimpleParse-pure on Python 3.2, useless, but working

I wanted to test PyOpenGL under 3.2 (using 2to3), but my entire test-suite is written in OpenGLContext, which is dependent on many other libraries (numpy, pydispatcher, pyvrml97, fonttools, ttfquery, simpleparse, etceteras).  So, since I want to test, let's see how easy it is to convert the SimpleParse-pure project (written to test pypy speed ...

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