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Sept. 5, 2011 - Sept. 11, 2011

SimpleParse-pure on Python 3.2, useless, but working

I wanted to test PyOpenGL under 3.2 (using 2to3), but my entire test-suite is written in OpenGLContext, which is dependent on many other libraries (numpy, pydispatcher, pyvrml97, fonttools, ttfquery, simpleparse, etceteras).  So, since I want to test, let's see how easy it is to convert the SimpleParse-pure project (written to test pypy speed) into a ...

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PyOpenGL should now support GLE on Python 2.7

Got the GLE DLL built using VC9 (a.k.a. 2008), and a mechanism in place to load the GLE DLL based on which version of Python you are running (unfortunately, I don't see a good hook to check for the vcX version to use that to decide which DLL to load.  In theory someone might compile ...

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Requests Library is nice

Experimented with replacing a few urllib2 calls in a product today with the requests library.  Yes, requests really is nice (sat down and read through the code last night).  One thing that's not obvious from the docs, to do digest auth, you pass (username, password, 'digest') as the auth parameter.  There are a number ...

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