Talk Submissions Due Monday!

If you're wanting to speak at you need to get your proposals in this weekend.  Don't delay.

[Update] Yeah, Mike, do that.  I now have way too many talks I'd like to do:

  • Modern OpenGL Eat Your Vertices Raw (submitted)
  • Profiling for Performance (submitted, but very brief outline)
  • Using GStreamer 1.0 (an HTML5 Video Odyssey)
  • The Observer Pattern: Django Signals, PyDispatcher and Caches
  • Introduction to Ctypes
  • or Pygame
  • Multicast Sockets or mDNS (lightning talk?)
  • Using lxml.etree and xpath (lightning talk?)
  • Controlling Open Office with Python/PyUNO (lightning talk?)
  • Using Memory Mapping to Load Quake Maps with Numpy (lightning talk?)
  • Using Memory Mapped files with posix_ipc (lightning talk?)
Moral of the story, sit down to work out what talks you'd like to do well before the final weekend.


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