Lazy bum! (Get typing already...)

For some reason my hands have been a mess since yesterday afternoon. Not sure if it's just stress from work, or just plain too much typing, but the little fire beetles they are a crawling. Probably should have gone out and done some exercise of some form today, but instead just lay in bed trying to sleep.

However, I have work to do, so I can't just lay about all day. PyOpenGL wants lots of work, RunSnakeRun wants releasing, and OpenGL-ctypes and OpenGLContext are staring at me with accusing eyes from their little shelf.

Of course, the silly computers are also begging for attention; my workstation has had a broken CDR long enough that my (lack-of) backup situation is getting critical (not to mention that it can't build KDE any more), and Rose's still needs to be rebuilt as a Linux machine before she gets back from Quebec.

Unfortunately, all of that is typing, and even writing this little post has my hands rather unhappy with me. Maybe I'll try exercise tonight and leave working until tomorrow.


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