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Nov. 25, 2013 - Dec. 1, 2013

Nexus 5 Phone Contacts WTF

I needed to phone my mother at one point this weekend.

Pulled up the Nexus phone dialer for one of the first times (I don't actually use my phone as a phone all that much). Said my mother's (full) name, saw a brief flash of her details, and they were promptly replaced with a bunch ...

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Started on Win32 for PyOpenGL

Booted into Windows to get the PyOpenGL xml-generation branch started on extension management. So far not working, as the extension querying mechanism (which is itself an extension) doesn't show up with wglGetProcAddress.  Annoying thing is that it *did* show up while debugging once, but not since then.  I'll likely find a few more bugs once ...

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Integrated Graphics Really Does Suck

So apparently I forgot to re-install the fglrx driver after updating my laptop to Kubuntu 13.10.  So as I've been testing PyOpenGL I've been amazed by how cr*ppy the GL performance has been, and I kept running into "this doesn't work at all" bugs for newer features. It did make me actually look at what ...

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