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Nov. 18, 2013 - Nov. 24, 2013

So Far the Nexus 5 is a Nice Step Up

My youngest threw my (ancient) Motorola Milestone (Android 2.1 era phone) across the room onto a tile floor. Amazingly, the phone still worked, and I've been using it broken for a while now. I almost talked myself into just keeping it, as after all, a few minor cuts on the finger-tip from broken ...

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Testing a Fresh Checkout Encounters Errors

So it turns out that the xml-generation branch for PyOpenGL was entirely broken. I'd cleaned up a module (OpenGL/ that shouldn't have been necessary any more, as the types and constants were moved into the OpenGL/raw/GL hierarchy.  Oops, turns out that everything imports that module.  Spent a ridiculous amount ...

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Integrated Graphics Really Does Suck

So apparently I forgot to re-install the fglrx driver after updating my laptop to Kubuntu 13.10.  So as I've been testing PyOpenGL I've been amazed by how cr*ppy the GL performance has been, and I kept running into "this doesn't work at all" bugs for newer features. It did make ...

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Restricting Comments

The spammers finally convinced me that I have to restrict comments on the blog.  I was up to a few thousand blog-spams/day, enough that I was forgetting what I was going to blog about before I got through killing them all.  Comments are still open for 2 months, but trackback/pingbacks close within a ...

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PyOpenGL from spec almost there

Was stuck with no internet today, so the world gets a bit of work done on PyOpenGL...

So the branch in which PyOpenGL is generated directly from the Khronos API specification (xml) documents is almost workable. There are a lot of (internal) changes, particularly the OpenGL/raw APIs are pretty heavily rewritten, and I've ...

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