Optimising and bug-fixing and upgrading all day... (Guess I really should produce new PySNMP-SE and TwistedSNMP releases)

First few hours of the day were spent optimising PySNMP and TwistedSNMP. Nothing huge, but about a 10% speedup in the Cinemon demo, which makes for a far more responsive web front-end. Then spent hours tracking down a bug in Adobe SVG (well, poor handling of a missing piece of data). Topped it off with an hour or so of wrestling with upgrading the demo's dependencies (Nevow and Twisted are interdependent, when you update to Nevow SVN you have to run Twisted SVN).

There are various PyOpenGL things that need to get dealt with soon, apparently we no longer build on Red Hat at all. Sigh. I guess that will be the weekend's task, get a new PyOpenGL release out the door. I'd rather be out hiking on the Bruce Trail, or at least leaving my freaking apartment :) .


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