Updating PyOpenGL Sample Code References

Continuing to prepare for a PyOpenGL 3.1.4 release.

I've worked through getting the auto-generated reference documentation updated. We now use the upstream git repository for the docbook base files (gl, glu and glx) while still using the legacy files for glut and gle.

I've had to disable the sample-source projects still using SourceForge CVS, as SourceForge doesn't provide web-based viewing of the CVS repositories any more. If you know of projects that should be added to the set of sample-code projects, let me know.

I got all of the OpenGLContext demos running in python3, PyOpenGL 3.1.4, current numpy, and current PIL. No bugs really showing up within PyOpenGL for that, which is a good thing for considering the release working.

I ported the OpenGLContext wxPython context to run with current wxPython this weekend.

I've moved all of my PyOpenGL related projects over to GitHub as their primary repositories.

The tutorial documentation, a bunch of details regarding moving to github (e.g. updating urls), and of course platform testing for mac/windows machines is all I'm really planning to get done before the release. If you are a PyOpenGL user on one of those two platforms and would like to do some testing, I'd love to know about problems before the release goes out the door. I expect this will likely be the last Python 2 supporting release for PyOpenGL, so it would be nice if it was relatively stable and reliable.


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