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Projects related to young people and computers, including young people learning to code and the One Laptop Per Child project.

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Something seems to be working against me working on OLPC (Ridiculous set of barriers...)

I've been working on getting Sugar installed on my laptop for development all night (since around 8pm or so). Was given a free copy of VMWare Workstation 5.5 (yay), but the image I have doesn't have the driver required for VMWare's network driver to work, Nor does it have gcc to install it. I gather ...

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OLPC talk was extremely good (Not just because it backs up some of my talk's points or because I want to work on it (though that helped)...)

Presentation on the OLPC this morning was great. Sure I already want to work on it, but it rekindled the fire after the many failed attempts to get sugar built so I could start development. If we could afford it (and it wouldn't mess up the customers) I'd so love to go work on it. ...

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Slipping quickly toward PyCon (Doesn't seem real yet...)

Weird to realise I'm leaving for PyCon on Thursday morning. So many things to get done before then, but somehow the idea that I'm leaving for 10 days just doesn't seem to be sparking the urgency it should. Oh well.

I'm beginning to think about what to do for the sprints. I'd love to have ...

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Bootstrapping Material Culture (More thinking about applications for the OLPC project...)

Thinking about using the OLPC laptop to provide a sort of trade-school experience for teens or pre-teens, providing them with the information required to undertake infrastructure projects of various sizes. The idea is to have the projects drive interest in science and technology, encouraging students to actually work to build things with the knowledge they ...

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An application for the $100 laptop (Voice training for children (or adults))

I've had an idea for a very simple application for the last year or so. It just requires a microphone and reasonable speakers hooked up to a laptop. I think that the OLPC laptop is supposed to have a microphone or microphone jack. Don't know that I'll have time to work on the software, but ...

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