A day spent with Zope (Is a day you never get back...)

Somehow managed to miss blogging for an entire day there; oops. Spent the whole day with the wonder that is Zope, first on the PyTableDA, tracking down a security-system complaint, fixing an icon, and repairing a form.

Then switched to stress-testing... or more precisely, setting up something so I can reproduce the annoying 4 or 5 Zope-interaction bugs that have been causing the Zope server to basically hang and become unavailable. I'm now getting fairly consistent provocation of at least one of those on every stresss-test run. The hanging error appears to be some sort of contention or race condition where issuing simultaneous (or effectively simultaneous) queries just puts Zope into a wait state from which it never returns. The conflict errors are showing up every once in a while, but it's the "closed connection" errors that are driving me batty :) .

Finally managed to get invites out for Saturday's dinner. Not much else going on all day. Think I need to let my back rest now. Night all.


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