I believe this bug is driving me nutty (But at least I have a date for the staff Christmas party...)

Okay, so I have the bug isolated... sort-of. I have two test cases which differ solely by 1 call. In the one case, there's a memory leak (beyond the garbage created by the bisect oid store). In the other, there's none.

The problem is, I can't see any way for the leak to fall out of the difference. The one function that's different just checks a few parameters and then passes them on to the part that doesn't leak when called directly. Argh.

This is probably the time when you say "okay, time for pair programming". Something I'm missing... it must be something trivial. Argh.



  1. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 12/02/2004 10:11 p.m. #

    Ach, never mind, the bug was never isolated... well, it's still isolated, but the change turns out to be switching from SNMP v1 (no leak) to SNMP v2 (leak)... which is a huge change to what's going on under the covers. Blah.

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