Catspaw (References to names you think you should know...)

Saw a link in a blog entry today to "Catspaw", which for some reason seemed like a familiar name to me. She's apparently the same woman from UofT who wrote this paper, which I read when it first came out, but that doesn't refer to her as Catspaw.

She also appears to be a big MUD/MOO fan. Oh, and she apparently programs in Python. Oh, and she apparently was a big part of organising that UofT conference I couldn't afford to attend (which is what the blog entry was about). Why is this important? Because I hate that feeling that I should know someone, but don't.


  1. Catspaw

    Catspaw on 02/02/2006 1:24 a.m. #

    Did you ever figure out if you know me? :)

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 02/02/2006 9:08 a.m. #

    Never did. We met briefly at PyCon 2005 (after this post), if I'm recalling correctly. Other than that I'm still unsure why the handle was familiar sounding. Too small a world to keep track of these things I guess.

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