In other news... (Brief bits)

  • I'm told someone reads this blog!
  • Also, got a commitment from Shiva and Lisa to go hiking with the Bruce Trail club (and me) sometime in July.
  • Made a nice curry, though it was far milder than I'd intended.
  • Watched the season finales of Smallville and Enterprise. Think I'll just stop watching Enterprise. Smallville was fine, but the last 3 minutes seemed very forced... heck, the entire episode seemed rushed... which would have been great if it felt frenetic, but instead it just felt crowded and constrained, almost as though too many shorthand notations were being used.


  1. x

    x on 05/27/2004 10:49 p.m. #

    You surely didn't believe them (apropos point 1)?

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 05/28/2004 12:08 a.m. #

    Well, they were pretty convincing, since I haven't talked to them in 5 months and they were up-to-the-minute on events in my life. But who knows, maybe they're just psychic.

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