Gigabytes of comment spam (Annoying blaggards...)

Tim tells me that the ZODB (Zope Object Database) in which this blog is housed has grown to 12GB, largely composed of enormous amounts of comment spam. He's looking at how to shrink it down to something reasonable, but if that's the kind of spamming rate we're seeing we're going to need some way to block it on the incoming side.

Would be interesting to know what fraction of the spam is repeat spammers. Could just add anyone who's deleted by the spam checker (which catches 99% of the comment spam) to a block list. It would risk permanently banning someone on a false positive, though.

We finished moving Soni tonight (well, all save getting a bed up, the elevator is broken) with the help of Gent (pronounced Genti). [Okay, that's finished too now...]


  1. drew

    drew on 01/30/2007 12:29 a.m. #

    zwiki spam kicked the crap out of me too, but it was over for me as soon as I hit 2GB because my zope installs were many years old and couldn't do 2GB+ files. Upgrading was not straightforward, since some old products wouldn't run on newer zope versions. I still dig zope, sort of, but I'm hoping to get my critical data out of ZODB.

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