Simon's party tomorrow (After rebuilding JoAnne's machine...)

Simon is a neat chap I met at PyGTA and UU, rather fun to talk to all-in-all. He runs a little company, has a couple of neat technologies he's trying to market, and is rather active politically. He shares my love of throwing parties, so tomorrow I get to go out of the house (gasp!) to attend his party.

This evening's hacking hasn't been spectacularly productive. I took the code to the point where it will load up and attempt to ping an entire plant. Now I need to get the testing framework put in place to let me test the workings of that system in a reasonable timeframe. Looks like we won't be going live with it for Wednesday :( . May take Sunday evening to work on it to try and make up for the lack of progress this evening (so much for my "cut back to reasonable hours again" resolution).


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