Paid for my Bruce Trail membership (Procrastination ends...)

Finally sat down to put in my Bruce Trail club membership fee this morning. Apparently in 10 days I'll get "something", and I'll hopefully get a schedule at the same time. Shiva suggested that we (excluding her) possibly do a hike during June and then go for another in July. I may ask Mel and/or Lisa if they want to go for that, or maybe Rosey.

Need to buy hiking clothing and a water bottle before I go... for that matter, it's been two years or so since I bought new clothing... probably should do a full wardrobe renewal soon.

Lisa (whose father is a programmer) was mentioning that her mother apparently tells her father every few years that he's getting "shabby" and takes him out shopping. Seems cute to me, I just don't think I could let someone else pick my clothing... too much of a control freak I guess. Okay, time to nap.


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