I want to play! (Gentoo calls... gosh that's geeky)

The ping scanner is getting pretty close. It now throttles the group-going-offline messages to 1 every 90s (otherwise you get 90 messages in about 5 minutes) and has around a 5 minute delay before the messages start after the groups go offline (depending on the size of the groups). 90s of that is just to gather any subsequent items. I may make that algorithm go the other way (first one shows up ASAP, and it's only subsequent ones that get batched).

Need to write Terayon pingers.
Need to write "offline watcher" object to send periodic reminders of offline groups and to inform the user when the group comes back online.
Need to get the darn graphical presentation working.

But what I really want to do is play with something, either Gentoo, or PyOpenGL, or OpenGLContext, or SimpleParse, or something non-Cinemon (ever feel like you can actually feel your mind hardening, becoming less flexible, you know, aging?) Oh well, at least yesterday was a long day (14 hours), so I can justify taking a few hours after UU to do something less routine.


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