Silly script forgot to check for a directory... (xorg recompile fails and drags down the whole show)

The xorg rebuild last night failed shortly after we went to bed. Was missing a directory under /var for the xkb files. Result is that the machine did not work overnight. It also showed 100% memory usage when I got up, looks like a possible leak? Annoying anyway.

Have wasted much of the day trying to fix the wifi configuration on this machine. Apparently some of the contortions while I was down at the conference have messed up the wpa_supplicant configuration. It won't dhcp on the completely open (non-WPA) LinuxCaffe network or the WPA network at home (both of which were working pre-conference).

I've now merged in NetworkManager and KNetworkManager from Sabayon, but they aren't any more capable of getting the dhcp to work on the network than I was. I've stripped out dhcpcd entirely and made sure that everything is using dhclient, but as of yet no joy.

[Update: argh! rassin-frassin-blargh! The thing that changed is that I briefly used wpa_supplicant's GUI client while I was down there and changed it to update the configuration file thinking it would "do the right thing" to tell the system to jump onto a given network. To do that it went and added "disabled=1" lines to the file and I just wasn't seeing them when editing it. Seem to be able to get on the networks now and I can even bounce among the various networks here. Will see if it can jump on the network at home when I'm there. Kind of annoying that it disables the wired network when I jump onto a wireless one, but oh well, I have a wireless laptop again, that's what I needed.]


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