What to work on when I get back? (GLU, GLE, GLUT, or Win32 and WGL)

Waiting for Rosey to get her hair dried before I can head off to gram's place. I'm hesitant to plow back into the GLU or GLUT stuff because I've burned so many hours spinning my wheels in there. GLE would be a nice "easy win" (I hope), and the Win32/WGL stuff should be straightforward. I could use an easy win on the project at the moment (maybe I'm just tired from far too little sleep and should nap instead).

At some point I'll have to find an OS-X hacker who wants to create the AGL platform module. Then, if Brian hasn't already solved the problems I need to build the extension-loading mechanism and then get something to auto-generate the extension wrappers.

Rosey seems to have stopped drying, so I guess I'll beetle off now. Happy Saturday, everyone.


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