Oh, about the slogging (Little forward motion, mostly just learning the limitations of SVG)

I spent a truly inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how the heck to make an SVG graphic navigable... that is, how to make the darn viewer show scrollbars. Apparently it just isn't something that is supported. If you're SVG is "stand alone" and larger than your viewport it just gets clipped. Which means you need to create an HTML wrapper that specifies the size of the graphic. Which means that you need to have the HTML generation aware of the final size of the graphic instead of just pointing to the seperate server that generates it.

There's also a weird error showing up where it looks as though there are two sets of children for certain CMTSes. I assume it's a graph-rendering algorithm failure, but I can't see what it's doing to create the particular effect. Also a bug showed up that I think should likely be top priority for tomorrow morning (double-booking of CMTS summary data with sets of only 1 or 2 modems when they actually have hundreds of modems during the metadata scan). There's no data getting lost, but it's freaking out customers and that's not good.


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