Python C modules for PyOpenGL (Wow that's a lot of work for little tangible benefit...)

First half of the weekend's PyOpenGL hacking finished. I spent most of the time working on getting a script put together to auto-generate a base and a numeric module. The idea is that we will try to load the numeric, and if that fails, we'll use the non-numeric, with both modules providing the same external API (well, the numeric will provide a superset of the non-numeric API).

Because the numeric version relies on the non-numeric version, however, there's a lot of machinery required to make two different APIs for the non-numeric module. Think I've got that all worked out now. Still need to add "pass through" mechanisms to give access to the non-numeric API that isn't shadowed in the numeric module, but that should be trivial.

So far only the already-modularised interface_util pyd has been put into this API scheme. Will look at tracking down and factoring the rest of the numeric-dependent code into it tomorrow.


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