Pleasant coffee with Shane (and Lara) (I got to hold a 7 week old scottie puppy while his owner (cute girl) got her coffee...)

Shane suggested going out for coffee instead of him dropping in to my place, so I actually left the apartment! I need to get out far more often than I do. We spent a couple of hours hanging out in the Starbucks. Lara dropped in maybe half an hour before they closed too.

The little scottie was fairly scared once he realised that the person holding him wasn't someone he knew. I tried to calm him, but he was really just a babe-in-arms, probably too young to be given to a stranger... Still, in good Scottish tradition he kept a stiff upper lip and sat quietly (shivering) in my lap until his owner returned. All in all a truly beautiful little creature.

Lara's coming by to use Rosey's computer tomorrow afternoon. She's apparently lost the electronic copy of her resume, so she's hoping to use the OCR feature on the scanner dad gave Rosey.

Just because I feel like it, these are pictures of Lara and Shane (I'll let you figure out which is which...) I didn't think to take my camera this evening, they're just old pictures I had lying around.

Before anyone feels the need to point it out, yes, the picture of the beautiful blonde(ish) woman is larger than the picture of the man. Let's face it, beautiful females sell more... oh... wait a minute... I don't sell anything here... must just be the sizes of the pictures I had at hand.


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