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Dinners upon dinners upon movies... (Raining and pouring...)

Wound up going to Shiva and Shademan's place on Sunday, then had Shane and Golnar over for dinner yesterday, going to Shademan's parent's place for dinner, then out to see Farenheit 9/11 this evening, and if the weather is good, planning to go see a movie in the UofT football field tomorrow. I dimly remember ...

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Joy of Twisted (Well, sort of an ennui, really...)

For days now I've been working in Twisted, building a severely trimmed-down version of Cinemon. Every so often little glimmers of greatness show up, but then I have to create yet another 2 functions to deal with success/failure cases, and the glimmer fades.

As I've mentioned time and again to anyone who will listen; the ...

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