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Oh, another moment of Gentoo magic (Things that get set up in the night...)

I've mentioned the "magic" feeling that sometimes pops out of the emerge system on Gentoo. Last night it happened again. I realised I hadn't emerged any cron daemon yet, so I stopped the emerge -U world, quickly emerged vixie-cron, then restarted the world emerge.

Having done that, I settled down to my normal pattern of ...

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Interfaces seem to get in the way when refactoring (But that could just be because I'm so close to them...)

Much of yesterday was taken up fixing a design flaw in the EFT server. In essence, I'd modelled transactions as abstract objects to which messages should be attached. That's fine, but it's overkill for what we're actually doing, and makes everything rather slow.

The solution was to make the messages themselves model the transactions. That ...

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Faith-leaping in moving onto new server (Typing "emerge -U world" is an act of trust for one violated...)

I'm back to the point where I can trust Gentoo again. I was burned badly by that whole "setting -march and building world turns the entire machine to chutney" thing. Still, just an hour or so ago I once again made the leap of faith and emerged the world for the new server.

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