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Sept. 13, 2004 - Sept. 19, 2004

Still rebuilding, bash is hosed (So much for my plan to do a full day's work this evening)

After more than 2 full days the KDE 3.3 upgrade is still compiling. Has another 8 or 9 packages to finish, but I'm beginning to suspect that when it finishes I'll have a totally pooched system.

The bash prompt went a little wacky when the first attempt to update didn't complete as expected. Works fine ...

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Does anyone actually run this thing on Linux? Or do they just build it and see that it loads? (Click on URL to *download and view locally* instead of launching a browser?)

So, as I settle in to using Linux, I'm actually reading my email in Thunderbird. Like 99% of the email-using public, I often get links sent in URLs to which I would like to go. That's why mail-readers (including Thunderbird) make things that look like URLs in mail messages clickable links. Every mail reader should ...

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Apparently Linux didn't like my taking it for granted (Karked up the sound during KDE 3.2.3 upgrade...)

Booted up my shiny new KDE 3.2.3 install this morning to see if the dratted bugs in Eric would go away with the new version. However, on loading, the sound was gone. That is, though every mixer I could find (including all the command-line ones) said that every channel was enabled, there was no sound ...

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First full day of work on Linux (Though I had to pop into Windows a few times to pick up missing items...)

This is somewhat of a milestone for me. My first day of doing real work (i.e. not work-that's-setting-up-Linux-or-learning-how-to-administer-Linux, but actual paying work) on my Gentoo workstation. I missed having "The Daily Show" on while I worked (gatos still won't install), but I kept at it.

I've filed about 5 bug reports today. Most of them ...

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X-session initialisation decides to be a right pain (.xinitrc, .xsession, and the disappearing .bash_profile)

I almost managed to get some real work done while in Linux. I finally figured out how to create projects in Eric, and once I figured out that it was crashing because it had somehow created a literal '~' directory in my home directory, it seemed to work fine for editing files, and I could ...

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Leaving the house once in a while is fun (I like people :))

Had a little Windows sysadmin gig this afternoon. Mostly just figuring out how the network worked so I could poke at the right spot in the dyke :) . Was refreshing to walk around downtown and look at all the pretty people going about their purposeful and important lives.

Spent some of this evening doing ...

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Oh, another moment of Gentoo magic (Things that get set up in the night...)

I've mentioned the "magic" feeling that sometimes pops out of the emerge system on Gentoo. Last night it happened again. I realised I hadn't emerged any cron daemon yet, so I stopped the emerge -U world, quickly emerged vixie-cron, then restarted the world emerge.

Having done that, I settled down to my normal pattern of ...

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Interfaces seem to get in the way when refactoring (But that could just be because I'm so close to them...)

Much of yesterday was taken up fixing a design flaw in the EFT server. In essence, I'd modelled transactions as abstract objects to which messages should be attached. That's fine, but it's overkill for what we're actually doing, and makes everything rather slow.

The solution was to make the messages themselves model the transactions. That ...

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Faith-leaping in moving onto new server (Typing "emerge -U world" is an act of trust for one violated...)

I'm back to the point where I can trust Gentoo again. I was burned badly by that whole "setting -march and building world turns the entire machine to chutney" thing. Still, just an hour or so ago I once again made the leap of faith and emerged the world for the new server.

A very productive 11 hours (Sure, it's ugly, but it's working...)

Moved a long way forward on Cinemon this evening. The two data-importers are now working with in-memory models of the geographic entities (instead of database-based ones). Reduces load times to a second or two. Haven't got the hierarchy importer actually kicking-off the watchers or spitting back a cleaned up version of the file, but that ...

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