Still rebuilding, bash is hosed (So much for my plan to do a full day's work this evening)

After more than 2 full days the KDE 3.3 upgrade is still compiling. Has another 8 or 9 packages to finish, but I'm beginning to suspect that when it finishes I'll have a totally pooched system.

The bash prompt went a little wacky when the first attempt to update didn't complete as expected. Works fine for the first command I type in, but it never returns. Just sits there echoing my keystrokes after the command returns. Work fine to su, the su'd ID gets a prompt, and its first command is accepted, but again, never returns. Same thing happens with ssh into the box, so I'm suspecting either a problem with Bash, a problem with the system libraries, or a messed-up configuration file (i.e. one of the updates conflicting with some setting I've made).

Honestly, there is no reason for all this silliness, it should have been possible to build KDE 3.3 without needing to rebuild 3/4 of the system.


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