Day closes, computer compiles, I wait (Well, not really, working while it compiles...)

Been exploring the (largely undocumented) wonders of twisted.manhole (i.e. the twisted interface to a Python shell for debugging that I want to use during the Cinemon demo). I seem to have the server running fine, but I've run into a rather annoying little block; Gentoo doesn't install a telnet client by default, and the windows telnet client won't attach to the port for some reason :( .

Don't want to interrupt the big emerge (36 of 64 packages merged at this point) just to install telnet, so I guess I'll take a look at some exercise Rosey wanted me to review and call it a night.

Oh, made chicken and portabello mushroom satay this evening, served on flour tortillas with sour cream. Ate almost a full pound of chicken (leftovers from the party that needed to be finished off), which strangely seems to have quieted down my rather upset stomach.


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