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Day closes, computer compiles, I wait (Well, not really, working while it compiles...)

Been exploring the (largely undocumented) wonders of twisted.manhole (i.e. the twisted interface to a Python shell for debugging that I want to use during the Cinemon demo). I seem to have the server running fine, but I've run into a rather annoying little block; Gentoo doesn't install a telnet client by default, and the windows ...

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Still trying to get it rebuilt (Looks like it was gpgme getting messed up that caused the problem...)

Apparently it is considered very bad form to use -U with emerge, as apparently -U can wind up upgrading things but then not downgrading dependencies that will cause conflicts. Of course, nothing I can find says how to fix the problem once it happens. I haven't done a full-world rebuild because I'm hoping that re-emerging ...

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The reason it's compiling so slowly... (Hung bash instances are taking 100% of the processing time)

Turns out every hung bash instance is taking around 13 to 17% of total processing power, with at least one required for the shell running emerge. Still recompiling KDE, down to the last significant package. Oh, and by the way, all of this has not fixed the key-handling problems. Sigh.

On a much happier note, ...

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