My empire expands (Tendrils sneaking into projects throughout the universe...)

Every once in a while someone contacts me to let me know they're using my projects in their projects. Now, I know there are lots of people using some of the projects (e.g. PyOpenGL), but I never really hear from them. I check the download stats on most of my projects, so I have a general idea how many people are using them, but it's very different to actually hear from someone and just know that some package got downloaded.

Anyway, it doesn't happen very often that I know about who is using a project. Yesterday, however, I found out about 3 separate projects all using different projects (one of them using OpenGLContext winds up using something like 5 of my projects).

Don't know what the TwistedSNMP or SimpleParse projects are really about, but the OpenGLContext one is a traffic simulation with a wxPython GUI. It's amazing how something as simple as a few primitive shapes animating in a straight line captures the imagination.

Wonder if the karmic angels were listening to that mopey little post a few days ago. I admit, though, I cheated a little and suggested Andre use OpenGLContext... in my defense, AFAIK it and VTK (which I've never used, (and actually only remembered as I was writing this sentence)) are the only two wxPython-friendly 3D scenegraph engines for Python.

I may want to take over the world, but I want to do it honestly.


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