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Oh, I know it's serious (But egads, isn't this just calling out for a joke...)

CBC is reporting that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (i.e. our government employees' union) is discussing plans to try to unionise sex-trade workers. Yes, it's a serious issue, but unionising prostitutes as "Public Employees", doesn't that just scream "don't take me seriously"?

Lost the keyboard for a few minutes a while back, was able ...

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The minds on the other side (Little article about the new hybrid SUV)

There's an article in the Christian Science Monitor (no, not one of my normal news-sources, it was picked up by Wired) reviewing the new SUV Hybrid from Ford.

I'm a little fascinated (repelled?) by the "me" focus. Even the "why you're doing it" is basically "so you can feel smug", rather than any real desire ...

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My empire expands (Tendrils sneaking into projects throughout the universe...)

Every once in a while someone contacts me to let me know they're using my projects in their projects. Now, I know there are lots of people using some of the projects (e.g. PyOpenGL), but I never really hear from them. I check the download stats on most of my projects, so I have a ...

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Oh I'm randomly rebuilding I am (Randomly rebuilding, I am, I am, I got married to the OS next door...)

Finally gave in and did the emerge -e bash... and I'm pretty sure it's not going to work, as it says nothing about replacing the broken gpgme package. Oh well, at least it keeps the computer busy while I work.

Maybe I should create a new category for "whining about Linux".

That said, I seem ...

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