Apparently I'm too tired to think (twisted.web + authentication stymies me...)

fzZzy has been trying to help me set up twisted.cred authentication, for which (apparently) I need Nevow. I can't see how to make the security wrapper from Nevow work with the resources from twisted.web. Not a huge loss, I've only basically got 3 resources at the moment, I can convert to Nevow, but I need to figure out the Nevow equivalent of the static-file serving, and the tree-of-resources pattern too.

Realised as I was starting into the conversion that I hadn't added or committed any of the working code to the repository (and I'd broken it by that time). Undo is a very good thing when you're too tired to make intelligent decisions.

In doing the commits discovered a bug in Eric's cvs handling. Sent in a patch for that, which is, IIRC, my first official Eric patch. Yay, I'm beginning to give something back to the project. Must-sleep-now.


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