That state of fatigue and joy (Where you just can't sleep...)

After the PyGTA meeting I was way too excited to sleep, but wasn't particularly in any shape to be doing "real" work (just too tired to think clearly). What should you do when you get to that point? Well obviously, computer graphics, relaxing, easy, no real effort involved.

Since Cenzio (hope I got his name right) did a presentation on his Lorentz attractor renderer, but was having trouble with speed, I sat down thinking I'd try to optimise it for him. Of course, the first piece of Python code I found for generating Lorentz attractors (not Cenzio's) turned out to run more than fast enough.

So, I just dumped the Lorentz calculator into an OpenGLContext module and went to the races. You can see a couple of screenshots if you like. The module will show up in the tests directory of OpenGLContext on the next release.


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