Close to moved in on Linux (TV, voice dictation, and backup still missing)

For those following the drama of my move to Linux. I'm getting pretty darn close to entirely moved in. I've not booted Windows in long enough that I've forgotten when it was. Those three missing items are still pretty significant "not there yet" elements, but they all are within reach, I just don't have time to work on getting them finished.

I've actually got the ATI TV-in driver installed, I just can't get avview to display any TV. Sphinx looks like it will be usable for voice dictation, but I haven't got the time to upgrade my system to Java 1.4 and then muck about with getting the program itself installed.

Backup, however, is what's worrying me. It's been at least a couple of weeks since I've done a backup of my Thunderbird and Firefox profiles... that's not good, as there is no backup for them off-machine (unlike the source code, where there's always a CVS repository backup).


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