Stupid shallow bugs (Almost makes you want a statically-compiled language (well, not really))

Bryan found a bug in Cinemon this evening. It didn't pick up a modem migration event (modems changing channels). Turns out this was a trivial error; I'd mis-spelled a function name in a callback that only gets called 20 minutes into a run (and thus I was never around when it got called). The result of that was that the callback failed, logging a message as it did, but as I wasn't logging the log-trace to a file, there was nothing to tell me where the problem was.

I'm thinking I need to push the priority up on the "system status message" UI. The idea being that any part of the system can write to the system status with a message, a priority and a period. Those messages will be stored in the database, displayed in the UI, and potentially (for high-priority messages) get emailed to the user. In other words, user-level log messages (whereas currently they are programmer-level).

Also thinking that a web-UI for the MockCMTS is something that should get done. Thinking particularly of allowing for specifying scenarios to run (e.g. modem migration) without needing to code the scenario on the manhole prompt.

Hmm, this turned into another of those 12 hour days that were supposed to be finished now that I'm not working on Cinemon any more (what with no funding for it and all).


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