About motivations and post-mortems... (Why the move from Zope)

A few weeks (maybe a month now) ago, Tim pointed out that for all intents and purposes he's unable to follow my code. As a result he's uncomfortable with the idea of working with it. I'm accustomed to programming fairly large systems (e.g. OpenGLContext, Tpresence's Holodesk, Tpresence's Portals, that kind of thing, systems with multiple tens-of-thousands-of-LOC sub-systems), so I tend to produce heavily abstracted code... frameworks, to use an over-used word.


  1. martin

    martin on 07/11/2005 8:11 a.m. #

    great little story. Similar feelings here. I just started with<br />
    Nevow. Dunno about scalability yet....

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