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Oops, forgot the pre-coffee work (Most of the day disappears in my shoddy memory)

Implemented crude throttling (twice) for Cinemon during the first 7 hours of the day. The first time I implemented it based on the idea that I could take the difference in time between when I scheduled an event to occur and the time it actually occured within Twisted.

That worked... sort-of. The problem is that ...

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Pleasant coffee with Shane (and Lara) (I got to hold a 7 week old scottie puppy while his owner (cute girl) got her coffee...)

Shane suggested going out for coffee instead of him dropping in to my place, so I actually left the apartment! I need to get out far more often than I do. We spent a couple of hours hanging out in the Starbucks. Lara dropped in maybe half an hour before they closed too.

The little ...

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Drafting icons look like c^@9 when rendered in a full-colour environment... (I just work here...)

Spent the evening working on icons for Cinemon. Unfortunately, the standardised icons are rather... ahem... dull. They look like they were intended for use on black-and-white wiring diagrams, rather than full colour interactive maps. I really feel the desire to tweak them to return to the beauty of the all-circle diagrams of the past... but ...

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