When you know the app is CPU and memory starved... (Don't add extremely heavy processes to the box and head out to a meeting...)

Came back from the meeting to find hundreds of processes running on cmon, with complete memory exhaustion and hundreds of alert messages in my inbox. I'd decided earlier in the day to try running both the old (heavy) scanner and the demo scanner at the same time... stupid of me.

The load-levels were in the mid-teens, it was swapping like crazy, and there were dozens of simultaneous instances of the demo scanner running (the zombie watcher kills the old instance and runs a new one if the current instance doesn't respond to a web request, but for some reason the instances refused to die. I had to give one process 10 or 15 kill -9 messages before it finally went away.)

Meeting was fun. As is our want, spent an hour or three afterward discussing issues hither and yon. Quite enjoyable, but I forgot my bag somewhere (hopefully at Givex)... hopefully D'Arcy can pick it up tomorrow.


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