Why aren't women allowed to notice that other women are "hot"? (Seems like a perfectly reasonable observation...)

Had a lady remark that one of my friends was "hot" in her hallowe'en costume, then immediately explain it with "though I'm a girl, so I'm not supposed to notice things like that".

I mean, sure, men have been raised to be homophobic and neurotic about their own sexuality enough that it's understood they are never allowed to recognise any hint of sexual desirability in one another, but why would women be reluctant to recognise sexual desirability in one another? Is this a new thing (I think it must be, I've certainly had other women point out the desirability of yet other women in the past)?

Has something changed that has made women just as neurotic about their sexual orientation as men? Or was this just an isolated incident? Do we have some female version of swaggering and braggadocio to look forward in the future? Is this just an effect of the US populace voting to enshrine homophobia in their laws a few days ago?


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